Anders Juul

Professor, MD, DMSc, PhD and Head of Department


Telephone: +45 3545 5085

Email: ajuul(at)

Anna-Maria Andersson

MSc, PhD, head of research and supervisor of the hormone- and analytical chemical lab


Telephone: +45 3545 0980

Email: anna(at)

Katharina M Main

Professor, MD, PhD and clinical head of research


Telephone: +45 3545 0820

Email: katharina.main(at)

Niels Erik Skakkebæk

MD, DMSc, professor, and research consultant


Telephone: +45 3545 5086

Email: nes(at)

Niels Jørgensen

MD, PhD, consultant, senior scientist and group leader


Telephone: +45 3545 0633

Email: niels.joergensen(at)

Ewa Rajpert-De Meyts

MD, PhD, senior scientist, and group leader

Dect: +45 3545 8145

Email: erm(at)



Hanne Frederiksen

MSc, PhD, senior scientist, and chemist


Telephone: +45 3545 6359

Email: hanne.frederiksen(at)


Tina Kold Jensen

MD, PhD, journalist, professor and senior researcher


Telephone: +45 2946 4350

Email: tkjensen(at)

Jorma Toppari

MD, guest professor


Email: jortop(at)



John Erik Nielsen

MSc, senior researcher


Telephone: +45 3545 9592

Email: rh09156(at)



Katrine Bay

MSc, PhD, postdoc and research coordinator


Telephone: +45 3545 3666

Email: katrine.bay(at)

Kristian Almstrup

MSc, PhD, senior scientist


Telephone: +45 3545 4330

Email: kristian(at)

Jørgen Holm Petersen

MSc, PhD, statistician


Telephone: +45 3532 7905

Email: j.h.petersen(at)



Martin Blomberg Jensen


Currently at Harvard University


Contact information

Email: blombergjensen(at)

Rikke Bodin Beck Jensen

MD, PhD, consultant


Contact information

Telephone: +45 3545 4330

Email: rikke.bodin.jensen(at)

Anne Jørgensen

MSc, PhD, senior researcher


Telephone: +45 3545 4330

Email: anne.joergensen.02(at)

Trine Holm Johannsen

MD, PhD, consultant in clinical biochemistry


Telephone: +45 3545 5017

Email: trine.holm.johannsen(at)



Jakob Christian Albrethsen

MSc, PhD, biochemist


Contact information

Telephone: +45 3545 4330

Email:  jakob.christian.albrethsen(at)